St. Johns, Arizona
April 4, 1884

   Manuel Esteban Garcia Chaves was shot in the forehead last week by a cowboy of Smith, Carson and Co.  It seems that the cowboy jumped Chaves' Ranch and drove him off.  Chaves went back and they had a dispute.  The cowboy asked him for a match and when he handed it out the cowboy shot him in the forehead, the ball glancing and not doing much damage.  Chaves is a very old man. We wait to get the other side before we make any comments.

April 4, 1884

   The case of Pat Trainor, the boss avidavit man for Apache County, got beat in his supposed cattle killing case, such case of spite work as this evidently is.  The prosecuting witness should be made to pay the costs.

   The case of Pat Trainor against Juan Sadilla et al, for killing some of Pat's cattle was tried last Tuesday and the Jury brought in a verdict of not guilty.

April 11, 1884

   It seems that Pat Trainor has a new idea of obtaining calves.  Ask Eutemio Baca, he can tell you full particulars.

   Notice is hereby given that Andreas Candaleria, sentenced by the District Court at the Feb. term, 1884, in Apache County, for four years in the Territorial Prison at Yuma for the crime of Grand Larcency, committed in Apache County, will apply to Hon. F.A. Tritle, Governor of Arizona, for a pardon. Dated, April 25, 1884. C.L.Gutterson, Att.

May 2, 1884

   Alexander Morrison, U.S.Marshal of New Mexico, and his son, Robert Morrison, are in town.  They are just returning from a valuable claim which Mr. Morrison has located in the southern part of the County, near Escudilla.  He says the Escudilla is larger than Mt. Blanc, that Apache County is larger than New Mexico and that St. Johns beats Chicago to death.  For these reasons, Mr. Morrisons family will soon become residents of this County.  They will become welcome and valuable acquisitions.

June 13, 1884

   Mr. Ellinger, who has a ranch above Springerville, had his house and tools burned Monday night.  Cost, about $1200.

June 25, 1884

   Phin Clanton came in on Monday after a doctor.  His sister, Mrs Stanley, being very sick.

From the files of Jack A. Becker.