TERRITORY OF ARIZONA             Springerville, A.T.
COUNTY OF APACHE              JUNE 4, 1888
Testimony of witness's before
the Coroner's Jury sitting upon
the body of Henry Jenkins, at
Springerville, Apache County,
Arizona Territory, June 4, 1888.

Wm. M. Rudd, being duly sworn, testifies as follows:

Q. Dr. Rudd. Did you act in a professional capacity in the case of Henry Jenkins?

A. Yes Sir.

Q. When were you called to see him?

A. I was called the 2nd of this month to see Mr. Jenkins, professionally as a physician.  I found him at Coyote Springs in this County.  I found him suffering from two gun or pistol wounds; One of them which had entered the right arm at the elbow.  Also, one about five inches to the right of the spinal column on the right side above the lower ribs, between it and the one next above.  As fast as I could, under the circumstances, I examined him and found that the ball had passed upward and toward the left shoulder and passing through the right lobe of the lungs.  The ball had lodged some where in the body, and where I could not ascertain.

Q. Dr. you will please state whether the death of Henry Jenkins was caused by these wounds or not?

A. Mr. Jenkins died the following day, and I am of the opinion that he died from the effect of the wound in the body.

Q. Do you know, Mr. Rudd, how he came by these wounds?

A. I do not.

(Signed) Wm. M. Rudd

Testimony of J.S. Reagan, after being duly sworn, testifies:

Q. Were you present at the time Mr. Jenkins was shot?

A. Yes Sir.

Q. You will now plese state to the Jury what you saw?

A. Just as I came up to camp I heard Mr. Magee and Bob Thomas talking. Mr. Magee said: " I guess I will have to quit."  "I can't get along with that old son of a bitch."  Bob asked him if he could not until he got to the Mountain? I never heard an answer.  I hurried at that time to go down and saddle my horse, about 10 steps from there.  Just about the time I got to my horse, or perhaps a little before, I saw Jenkins come around the corner of the house and stop at the fire.  The next thing I heard, Jenkins said: " Windy, meaning Magee, You called me a son of a bitch."  At about the time he said he picked up a six shooter. (He had got a six shooter) and throwed it down at Magee.  

Q. What do you mean by throwing a pistol down?

A. I mean by throwing a pistol down on Magee, that Jenkins pointed the pistol at Magee as though he intended to shoot him.

Q. Did he make any remark at that time?

A. Not that I heard.

Q. How far was Jenkins from Magee at that time?

A. I could not say, but should judge about 7 or 8 steps.

Q. What ocurred after this?

A. I looked around and saw Magee with his pistol in his hand.
It was pointed toward Jenkins. Then the shooting commenced.

Q. Who began the shooting?

A. I could not say.

Q. What did you see next?

A. Right after the shooting I saw Jenkins laying out there and
Bob Thomas laying there also, shot in the leg.
Q. Mr. Reagan, did you see the pistol Mr. Jenkins had after
the shooting was over?

A. I did not

(Signed) J.S. Reagan

Albert Miller, being duly sworn, testifies as follows:

Q. Mr. Miller. Were you at the Coyote on the 1st day of June last?

A. Yes Sir.

Q. Do you know whether Henry Jenkins was shot at that place,
at that date?

A. Yes Sir.

Q. Do you know who shot him?

A. J.W. Magee.

(Signed) Albert Miller

James Beard, being duly sworn, testifies as follows:

Q. What is your name?

A. James Beard.

Q. Were you at the Coyote on the 1st day of June Last?

A. Yes Sir.

Q. Did you witness any shooting there?

A. Yes Sir.

Q. Mr. Beard. State what you saw ocurred then?

A. Mr. Jenkins and Mr. Bob Thomas were talking.  I heard Magee call Bob Thomas to the wagon.  I heard a remark, "son of a bitch" made.  I do not know who made it.  I saw Magee shoot at Jenkins.  I did not see any pistol in Mr. Jenkins hand but did see Magee have one.

(Signed his X Mark) James Beard

Lee L. Russell, being duly sworn, testifies as follows:

Q. Mr. Russell, state what you heard and saw at coyote the morning of June 1st?

A. I heard Mr. Magee ask Mr. Jenkins to hang a pack saddle up in some good place because it was too much trouble to throw it in and out of the wagon all the time, as they had no need for it there.

There are others who have pack saddles here and they have agreed to hang them up.  I have all the grub and bedding I can haul.  Mr. Jenkins said to him.  "I had better quit the wagon, I guess, if you can't haul my things."  Mr. Magee said: I want you to hang up your saddle."  "I don"t want to be bothered with it."  Mr. Jenkins seemed to get very mad and said: "Windy, (meaning Magee) why are you always picking on me."  Magee said; "I am not picking at you "Dick" or I am not always picking at you "Dick."  Jenkins then asked Magee out to fight.  Magee said: Go and sit down, Dick," meaning Jenkins.  "I don't want to have no trouble with you."  "You are an old man."  Jenkins kept insisting upon a fight and Magee kept telling him that he did not want any trouble with him and to go away, and he finally went away and went over to where Bob Thomas was and had a talk with Bob Thomas.  I do not know what passed between them. I heard Magee call Thomas after Jenkins and Thomas had talked a while. Thomas went to where Magee was, at the wagon.  I could not hear what they were saying as they were talking low.  I heard one of them say; "That old son of a bitch."  I looked around there toward my horse.  I heard Jenkins say: "Windy, (meaning Magee) you called me a son of a bitch."  I looked around at that time and saw Jenkins with a pistol in his hand presented at Magee.  At that time I saw Magee jump tword the mess box and picked up a pistol, and then the shooting commenced.  I heard shots and saw smoke but at the time did not know who shot, but supposed that both parties were shooting, that is, Magee and Jenkins. After the shooting was over, Mr. Miller stepped up to Magee and said: "Give me that pistol."  Magee said: "I will when he (pointing at Jenkins) gives up his."  In a few seconds Magee gave up his pistol.  I stepped up to where the shooting was and saw Jenkins laying at the corner of the house and Bob Thomas laying at the left of the wagon with his leg broken.

(Signed) Lee. L. Russell

Testimony of witness's before the Coroner's Jury sitting upon the body of Henry Jenkins, at Springerville, Apache County, Arizona Territory. June 4, 1888.

TERRITORY OF ARIZONA             Springerville, A.T.
COUNTY OF APACHE                June 4, 1888
Office of the Acting Coroner
Springerville Precinct
County of Apache
Territory of Arizona

I, Luther Martin, Acting Coroner of the Precinct above named do hereby certify that I held an Inquisition upon the body of Henry Jenkins in the Village of Springerville, County and Territory aforesaid, on the 4th day of June 1888.  Verdict of the Jury: Death from a pistol shot wound inflicted on the 1st day of June 1888, by the hand of J. W. Magee, and I futher certify that I caused to be interred his body in the Public Cemetery at this place on the third day of June, 1888.

Signed Luther Martin
Acting Coroner
Apache County, Arizona

Coroner's Inquest over the body of Henry Jenkins

We, the Coroner's Jury, find that Henry Jenkins came to his death from pistol shot wounds received from the hands of J. W. Magee.  Said wounds were received on the 1st day of June, 1888, in the County of Apache, Territory of Arizona.  And, that Henry Jenkins died from the effects of said pistol shot wounds on the 2nd day of June, 1888, in the County of Apache, Territory of Arizona.

F.W. Nelson Foreman
A. Miller
W.H. Phelps
J.S. Regan
James X Beard
Macedonio Bordeux
Territory of Arizona
County of Apache
June 4, 1888
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Jack Becker's Note:  Jenkins Creek was named for Henry Jenkins.
From the files of Jack A. Becker.