(From an interview with Gustav Becker in September 1938, as told to his son Alvin Becker)

TOM MARA comes to the Valley,
stays awhile, leaves 1878

     Tom Mara, short of stature, dark complexion and quiet wandered into the Valley in the Spring of 1878; as did many others at different times, looking for a quiet refuge or retreat to stay until things blew over.  

     Tom came from California where the vigilantes were anxious to see him.  He seldom spoke or associated with the other outlaws unless he took an occasional drink, then he usually dropped a little information.

     One day he wandered into the store drunk.  He walked up to Gus Becker, whipped out his Bowie knife and made a stab at him.  

     Fortunately for Gus, who saw him coming, was able to grab his wrist and knocking it up, before Tom could do anything else.  Gus grabbed up a beer bottle and splintered it over Mara's head.

     Mara came to about the time Gus finished picking the glass splinters out of his head.  

     Thoroughly sober now, he asked Gus, (who had both his pistol and knife) "Well, what are you going to do?"

     Gus replied: "It looks like this country is to small for us both, so one of us had better get out, and I'm tied down with this store."

     "All right," Mara replied, "then I'll go."

     Gus gave him back his pistol and knife.  Mara walked out of the store and that was the end of him.

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