Micajah Harris Phelps
1817 - 1889

by Neal Harris Phelps

Born in Memphis, Tennessee, February 10, 1817
Married Ann Peeples of Florida, June 8, 1848

They pioneered in Kansas and Texas, remaining in Texas, Bosque and Hill County, until 1876.   Mrs. Phelps died as a result of and accident in Hill County, Texas, September 21, 1876.   She was horseback when a deer ran in front of the horse, causing him to jump suddenly and throw her from the sidesaddle mount which caused her death from injuries sustained.

Fifteen children were born to their union, 4 boys, 11 girls and one was adopted in addition - at birth-James G. Vaughn.

Mr. Phelps had some 19 slaves at one time and some of them remained with the family after the emancipation proclamation until he sold his interests in farming lands, ranch and cattle ranges including some cattle and horses.   He brought his family further west by way of Salt Lake City.   At St. George, Utah, he purchased wagons, teams, Durham cattle and equipment and crossed at Lee's Ferry on the Colorado River and located at Snowflake, Arizona in 1877.

In March of 1878, moved to what is now Springerville, Arizona.   He bought out Bill Waddle cattle and range and homesteaded the old Phelps place on the little Colorado River, known as Colter, Arizona, later owned by Fred J. Colter and wife Sarah (Duge) Phelps.

Albert MillerH. Greer, (father of late "Bud" Stansell Greer) Henry Barrett, Bill, Mike and George Phelps brought out about 600 head of Mr. Phelps cattle from Hill County, Texas by way of Magdalena, New Mexico, which took them about two years for the drive

William Henry (Bill) Phelps ran over 12,000 head of cattle at the old Phelps holdings after his father's death in March 1889.

Mr. Phelps' stock brand was the HP for Harris Phelps.   Bill's was the Cross Bar + original brand, among many others.

Note: History notes by -
Neal Harris Phelps
February 10, 1944
Springerville, Arizona                                          Copy:  (Orma Phelps Udall)
                                                                               October 25, 1950

From Jack Becker's Collection