Old photograph of the store on the west side of the Little Colorado River.
Names from left: 1. Bob Blessinggame, 2. Mike Phelps, 3. Ernest Tee, 4. John Adey,
5. Gustave Becker, 6, 7, & 8 Unidentified. 9. Bob Lee, 10. St. George Creighe.
This store replaced the original store as depicted in the drawing. Click here to view drawing.
Newspaper copy of the same picture.
The picture was printed in the Apache County Independent on Friday, August 31, 1951, to honor the 75 years that Becker Mercantile Company had been in business.

The caption under the picture reads as follows:

AN IMPOSING structure for the times was the second store of Beckers. It was in this store that the Beckers were held up by the Clanton gang. It was occupied from 1879 to 1885.