Vintage Photos -- the early 1900's

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1909 -First car to come
to Springervlle -
The Reliable Dayton
Front seat:  Mr. Root
Rear seat:  Mr Bazell
Car Agents of Winslow
Early Street Scene
Apache Chief Hotel
Becker's Transcontinental
 Garage &Camp Ground
Apache Chief Hotel
& Becker's Garage
Early Street Scene
Apache Chief Hotel
& Becker's Garage


Becker Garage
& part of the
Apache Chief Hotel


Becker Garage
with new addition


Apache Chief Hotel
& Becker Garage


Becker Mercantile Co.



Early street scene
Hotel & Garage
on left
First garage 1914
Gustav Becker, 1st county engineer
 (without pay)
Truck used for Apache County road work.
Gustav Becker home
on left.  Signs pointing to
Becker Garage
First Service Station in
Springerville.  Owned by
 Becker Motor Co,
sells Red Crown Gasoline


Becker Garage with new addition - Chrysler car belonged to Gustav Becker
Round Valley
Taken from Cemetery Hill
Main Street showing
Becker home &
Becker Mercantile
Luci Becker fixing tire


"Cannon Ball" Baker
in front of
Becker's Transcontinental
Gustav Becker on left
w/ Eddie Rickenbacker
Vehicle in front of the Bank w/lettering on door proclaiming:
"Cannon Ball" Baker
"Chief Test Pilot"
Ed Miller and Bert Colter
Webmaster's note:    Eddie Rickenbacker achieved his greatest fame as the 'Ace of Aces' during World War I, shooting down twenty-six German planes in seven months.   He was an outstanding racer before that.   As a salesman for the Columbus Buggy Company, he began racing in 1910 to publicize the cars he sold.   He won nine of ten races in a two-day meet in Omaha, and suddenly he was an auto racer instead of a salesman.

His last race was in 1917.   He then went into the military and became an ace fighter pilot.  After the war, he formed the Rickenbacker Motor Company, which went bankrupt in 1927.  Rickenbacker then raised the money to buy the Indianapolis Speedway.  He turned it into a modern track and managed to keep it operating through the Great Depression.

When Eddie Rickenbacker started manufacturing cars in the 1920s, he hired "Cannon Ball" Baker as chief test driver.  Baker broke his own winter cross-country record with a 71 1/2-hour trip (driving time only).  He also drove a Rickenbacker on a "three flag" journey from Vancouver, British Columbia, to Tijuana, Mexico, in 40 hours and 57 minutes.

Photos from Jack Becker's Collection

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