Vintage Photos

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Julius Becker &
his wife, Minnie Homrighausen
Gustav Becker &
his wife, Louisa Homrighausen
Gustav Becker & Pilot.
1st airplane in Springerville. Wooden propeller cracked when wheel hit prairie dog hole & plane tipped at takeoff!
Apache National Forest Office



Gustav Becker and Richard Rudd, 1st bookkeeper at garage.  Bowser gas pump
with 5 gal. throw
Arthur Becker in his uniform
 pictured with his mother,
Louise Homrighausen Becker
Inside Becker Brothers Store
mid 1890s
The Apache Chief Hotel
the Bank Building


Jan 1919
Becker Lake,
14 inches of ice
vehicle and skater w/dog
on ice
Merle Harper,
proprietor of Western Drug
for many years, was a
B-17 pilot during WWII
Main Street - Springerville


Round Valley Bank
check from the 1920's
and a medal emblem
Bank failed during depression.


Tennis Courts located
where US Post Office Building
now stands in Springerville.
Monarch Saloon
St. Johns, AZ
circa 1885
Al-Che-Say (Tsajn)
Apache War Chief
1895 photo by
Markey & Mytton
Gustav Becker &  R-14
at the "Madonna of the Trail"


Alchesay ,
White Mountain Apache Chief
Barry Goldwater reading about the 75th anniversary
of Becker's Store
& he wrote: . . . . .to properly recognize the contributions of the Becker family in Arizona. . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . .
The writing on the picture seems to say:
Best Wishes to
Julius W. Becker
Harry Truman
Telegram from
President Harry S. Truman
on the 75th anniversary of 
Becker Mercantile

Photos from Jack Becker's Collection

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