Vintage Photos

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Louise & Margaret Becker
standing on the steps of the
Presbyterian Church in
Presbyterian Church
group of ladies (active members)
(names listed on viewing)
 Early adobe house in Springerville. (Kathleen Fritry, Prudence, Berthe, Norah, Nettie, Beth, Dede)
Mexican Wedding
in Springerville
(date unknown)


Cowboys -
looks like they are
wearing sidearms.
(persons unknown)
Old Mexican Fort built by Leandro Carrillo in 1871.
(Group on an outing pretending
to defend.  Notice weapons)
Fort from another angle.
(names listed on viewing)
Colton's 1873 map shows this structure as Milligan's Fort,
however, Milligan's Ranch was at other end of  the Valley.
First U. S. Forest Service office in Springerville




Tom Phelps' Cabin


Bertha Atkins Hammel


Lucie & Paul Becker
& Mr. Smithers,
US Post Office Inspector
(Blue Canyon going to Clifton)
June 1909

At Woodruff on Springerville Road


Slade Ranch
(names listed on viewing)
 November 1913
Highway Improvement Agitator
The Modern Way
float in early parade.
Notice refrigerator on float
must be after 1927
(names listed on viewing)
Mexican Wedding
Original Becker Garage
in background


Mr. & Mrs. George Henderson
Mrs. E. C. Bunch
wife of Conrad Bunch.
came to Springerville
in August, 1876
Steam Engine Thrashing Machine
purchased by
Julius & Gustav Becker
in 1885
Tennessee C. Hill & Velma
Clerk in Becker Store
Apache County Treasurer

Photos from Jack Becker's Collection

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