Post Offices and Postmasters - 1863 to 1912

Charles A Franklin   Oct. 29, 1879

Julius Becker   July 26, 1880

Gustave Becker   Sept. 25, 1893

     Postmaster Franklin's real name was Albert Franklin Banta.   He was a bullwhacker with the first Territorial party that arrived in Arizona in 1863.   As a printer he set type for the first issue of the Arizona Miner.   He founded several newspapers and a bank, served in the 12th Territorial Legislature, and claimed he distributed the first mail received in Prescott even before the establishment of a post office there.

     The Becker brothers were pioneer merchants, and their descendants have carried on the family tradition as community developers.

Postmasters 1893 to 1977


Gustave Becker   Oct 27, 1893

Julius W. Becker   Apr 6, 1915

Walter J. Kowalski   Nov 21, 1921

Neal H. Phelps   Dec 16, 1935

Mrs. Esther C. Phelps   May 7, 1941*

Pratt E. Udall   Oct 31, 1941

Wallace Ashcroft   Nov 16, 1962

Mrs. Edith N. Browning CIC   Aug 1, 1975

Clarence T. Dixon   Dec 30, 1977

     In 1876 Harry Springer brought merchandise from Albuquerque, New Mexico, and established a store here.   He soon went broke because of too liberal credit and inability to collect the accounts.

     A machine postmark "(SPRINGVILLE, ARIZ)" was used only one day (Apr 6, 1937) before the incorrect spelling was noticed and the postmark discontinued.

1981 - 1986

Clarence T. Dixon, August 21, 1981

Randal E. Wheeler, March 15, 1984

Lorraine B. Hughes, Dec. 3, 1986