January 12, 1901
Gunfight at the Saffell Saloon - a Real Tragedy
Ex-Sheriff Ed Beeler and Montie Slaughter

These copies are from the actual ledger of the Saffell Saloon and lists the number of drinks each customer had.   Notice on the 12th, Montie Slaughter had more drinks than Ed Beeler.

Jack Becker's Note:
Gus Becker said that after Beeler killed Slaughter, he walked over to Becker's store where the Sheriff's Office had jail cells and an office upstairs.   Not long after, the Slaughter's came looking for him.  Gus told them that Beeler was upstairs and told them "I gave him my shotgun to defend himself."

Saffell Saloon ledger January 11, 1901 Saffell Saloon ledger January 12, 1901

From the files of Jack A. Becker, local historian.