Springerville School in 1927

School Building in Springerville in 1927 and (below) students of the 5th Grade Class in 1927.

Fifth Grade Class - Springerville, 1927
Webmaster's note:
Morris (name at top) is Morris Saffell.  He was killed
on the battleship California at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941.

Ernest (front row, 5th student from left) is Ernest Becker;

Charlie (front row, last student on right side) is Charley Herbella.
Read his 1985 taped interview.
He grew up and became proprietor of Herbella's Market in Springerville.

Information on the other students can be given to Jack Becker
or e-mailed to the webmaster using "1927 Students" as e-mail 'Subject.'