The St. Johns Herald                                                       June 12, 1897
Charley Thompson Shot in a Quarrel
With John Gibson.

A serious shooting affray occurred in the southern part of this county, about 9 o'clock last Tuesday morning, the 8th inst, in which Charley Thompson, a well-known stockman of Springerville, was seriously, if not fatally, wounded.   The particulars of the affair, as near as we can learn, are as follows: It seems that Thompson had a difference with another cow man named John Gibson some days before, regarding a yearling calf which both claimed.   On the morning mentioned, Gibson and Thompson met, both being on horseback.   Thompson demanded of Gibson to know "what he was going to do about that yearling?"   Very few words passed between them before Gibson drew his six-shooter and began firing.   The first shot passed through Thompson's right wrist and on into his body, entering just above the naval, the bullet coming to the surface immediately behind and just to one side of the spinal column.   Gibson commenced to back away, but still kept up his shooting, and after emptying his pistol drew his Winchester and fired three shots from it.   One of these killed Thompson's horse.   Immediately after the first shot, and knowing that he was badly wounded, Thompson still protested against any more shooting, but thought that they could adjust the matter without any further difficulty.   Gibson answered not a word but continued shooting.   Thompson fired only one shot, and that was after Gibson was some distance away, and this with the fact that his right hand was partially disabled by Gibson's first shot, caused the bullet to fly wild.   Mr. Pauly, who was in the camp at the time, made Thompson as comfortable as possible, and then started for this place to secure the assistance of a surgeon. He arrived in St. Johns at noon on Wednesday, and returned with Dr. Craig, almost immediately for the scene of the trouble.   An attempt was to be made in the meantime to remove the wounded man to Springerville.   Gibson, who did the shooting, lives near where the matter occurred, has a few stock, is about thirty years old, and is married.

The St. Johns Herald                                                       June 19, 1897


Charles B. Thompson, who was shot on last Tuesday week, the 8th inst, in a quarrel with John Gibson, died on the afternoon of Thursday following.   It was found impossible to remove him to Springerville, and he breathed his last in a tent on the mountains.   He was attended by Dr. S.M.Craig, of this place, and Dr. Wegenforth, of El Paso, Texas, who had a summer camp in the mountains nearby.   The doctors, after a very short examination of the wounded man's injuries, pronounced them fatal.   They also expressed surprise at his extra-ordinary vitality, as the injuries would generally prove fatal in a very few hours, but Thompson lived over two days after being shot. As it was all that could be done was to make him as comfortable as possible and await the end. Thompson displayed great coolness, receiving the verdict of the doctors with calmness, after which he called the boys in camp to him and bid each one good bye.   He then gave directions as to what arrangements should be made in settling his affairs.   He even went so far as to give direction; that a coroner's jury should be summoned while he yet lived, so that no time would be lost.   His wife, who was with a fishing and camping party on the mountains at the time, was sent for and came a short time after the shooting and remained until he died.   The remains were taken to his home in Springerville immediately after his death.   A coroner's jury was summoned and after hearing testimony, rendered a verdict in accordance with the facts as published last week. The funeral occurred on Saturday afternoon, from his late residence near Springerville.

THE ST. JOHNS HERALD                                                                  June 19, 1897


John Gibson, who shot Charley Thompson during a difficulty at a round-up camp, in the White Mountains, last week, rode into St. Johns last Wednesday and surrendered himself to Sheriff Creaghe.   He is held awaiting a preliminary examination, which will be held before Justice Platt some time next week.

THE ST. JOHNS HERALD                                                                     June 26, 1897


John Gibson, who, as noted last week, came into town and surrendered himself, had a preliminary hearing yesterday before Justice Platt.   The territory was represented by Alfred Ruiz, District Attorney, and the defendant by Walter G. Scott.   After hearing the evidence on the part of the territory, and the defense waiving any statement, the Justice held the defendant to await the action of the next grand jury.   Bail was fixed at $2,500, which was furnished and defendant discharged from custody.

THE ST. JOHNS HERALD                        October 9, 1897

HERALD.--Governor McCord granted a number of pardons today to convicts serving sentences in the territorial prison.  The pardons, with one exception, were granted to take effect just one day before the expiration of the sentence, for the purpose of restoring citizenship, the prisoners having proved themselves worthy of this boon.  The exception is in the case of a prisoner who has earned his pardon by cutting ninety-seven cords of wood for the prison.  Those pardoned are Ramon Bernal, sentenced Nov. 22, 1895; Isaac Aldridge, sentenced from Apache County, Dec. 20, 1895, to one year for grand larceny; W.A. Ellis, sentenced to three years from Cochise county for forgery; Wm. Johnson sentenced to one year from Apache County for grand larceny and. Juan Jueves, sentenced May 25, 1894, to five years for burglary.

THE ST. JOHNS HERALD                                                           October 16, 1897


Proceedings Had at the Late October Term

Territory vs. John Gibson, murder.   Verdict, not guilty, defendant discharged and bail exonerated.

THE ST. JOHNS HERALD                       October 16, 1897

Proceedings Had at the Late October Term.

Territory vs. James Gatlin and Edward Gatlin, burglary.

Case dismissed on motion of District Attorney, bail exonerated.

From the files of Jack A. Becker, local historian.