TUCSON DAILY CITIZEN                          August 7, 1894


   Mace Slaughter was killed last Friday, by Captain Smith about six miles from Morenci, on the trail to Eagle Creek.  The stories concerning the killing are conflicting and no definite story can be obtainer.

   Slaughter and his wife were coming from Eagle Creek with cattle for the Arizona Cattle Company on their way to Smith's ranch on the Blue River. They met on the trail where the shooting occurred.  The men were not on good terms.  Mrs. Slaughter's story is to the effect that when the two men met, Slaughter spoke to Smith when Smith slapped him in the face.

   Another rumor is to the effect, that Slaughter had one of Smith's steers in the herd he was driving and that the trouble came up over this.  Smith refused positively to say anything regarding the killing.

 Judge Horneyer held the inquest and the jury returned a verdict, to the effect that Slaughter came to his death from a gun shot wound inflicted by, Captain Smith.  There seems to be a disposition here not to talk about the case and those who are in a position to know about the facts are reticent.  Smith is under bond and his preliminary hearing will come off Thursday, and until then nothing definite concerning the facts will be known.

From the files of Jack A. Becker, local historian.
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