MAY 2, 1907

     It is a matter of interest and gratification to the people of Apache County that the Arizona Electric Telephone Co. has completed its line between Holbrook and Eagerville - distance of 140 miles, connecting the intermediate points of *Springerville, St. Johns, Concho, and several in Navajo.  This line was projected about one year ago and was completed last Sunday, April 28.  It has been a long felt need among the businessmen and others and now that the line is in operation and giving satisfactory service it is up to the public to supply business.  Those connected with the enterprise, and especially the manager F.W. Nelson, deserve great credit in pushing it to a successful termination.

*The first telephone in Springerville was installed at Becker's store.  The sheriff had an office there and holding cells.

From Jack Becker's Collection